Hi, I’m Bev. My family and I decided to start eating healthier in 2001.  Over the years friends have asked for recipes, so I started putting some online.  Most of these recipes are not originals, but they have served me well.  Please keep in mind that the recipes are written for big families who have access to large pots, a 6-quart slow cooker, or an electric roaster.

We have learned that cow’s milk can cause sinus problems for our children, so we suggest the use of goat milk for young children. Now that our children are older, we use organic unsweetened almond milk (Kirkland brand at Costco).  I purchase some other organic foods when I can. Here is an article that helped me prioritize: 12 Foods to Always Buy Organic.
We avoid corn syrup and refined sugar.  We use Savannah Gold honey granules to replace white sugar and Sucanat brand evaporated cane juice to replace brown sugar.  These products are found at your local health store, but are purchased more economically through your local food co-op or at breadbeckers.com.

We bought King Arthur flour at the grocery store or organic flour at the health store. In 2007, we learned that that grinding our own wheat gives us even more health benefits, so we purchased a Bosch Universal Mixer and a NutriMill grain mill. We buy our wheat berries through breadbeckers.com. In 2017, we found out that some of our children are sensitive to gluten, so we grind oats, rice, and buckwheat in our NutriBullet.

Cooking was something I had to do, until we started to eat healthy.  Now I actually enjoy it, and I hope you will too.  Feel free to make a comment or ask a question on this site.  We’re all learning together as we strive to keep our temples healthy (1 Corinthians 3:16 & 17).  May you be blessed!